Soffit & Fascia– the perfect compliment to your new siding. It adds more than just aesthetics. It helps provide proper ventilation, and keeps out moisture and bugs to name a few.

Aluminum Soffits

The primary duty of soffit is to protect the rafters from the elements and extend the life of rafters, which is protection against rot and mould. Aesthetically, soffit is an easy way to add character. Available in an array of Gentek aluminum colours to match the rest of your home’s exterior.

Aluminum Fascia

Fascia board is regularly exposed to rain and moisture. It is also responsible for keeping pests from accessing the space between the rafters and heading right into the roof. Whether you’re looking for flat fascia or gable fascia, our professionals can make it happen. We make our fascia on-site, customized for your home. It comes in all the Gentek aluminum colours to compliment your home’s exterior.